October 2013

  Churches and statues of Prague in the evening sun Private fertility care in the UK is doing rather well for itself. Sixty per cent of IVF cycles are now carried out by private fertility clinics. The cost of IVF, including medication and extras, can top £20,000. That’s because many IVF patients in the UK end up having three cycles, not one. It’s a scandal. British fertility clinics are making hay while the sun shines. And it’s shining a lot.

Who Needs An HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) HSG or hysterosalpingogram? Let’s call it an HSG. After all, hysterosalpingogram may qualify as the most unpronounceable word you'll meet on your fertility journey. We still can’t say it either – and we tried three times. Anyway, the abbreviation is not important but the procedure is.