November 2013

An ovulation calculator is an inexpensive way to predict when you’re fertile. If you’re having difficulty conceiving, one of these tools may just help. Try our own ovulation calculator here. There are loads of other ovulation calculators out there. Almost all are free, but which stand out? You need reliability, but none are 100-per-cent accurate and others don’t work at all. So here’s our guide to the best ovulation calculators on the web.

  sexy couple lying in bed. use sex toys. How to conceive? We all know the basics. But to maximise your chance of getting pregnant, you need to do more than you think. How much sex should you really have? Should you bin the booze and buy some jogging shoes? And are hot baths really bad for sperm? We present the 10 best ways to get pregnant. The facts, not the myths, on how to conceive.

  Nurse manipulating a surgical instrument for laparoscopy A laparoscopy can treat women with specific infertility problems. It could be a key procedure for prospective IVF patients - and others trying to identify a gynaecological cause for their infertility. But IVF patients have had many tests already. Will an invasive laparoscopy really find anything new?