Emma and Patrick

Emma and Patrick

When I found this website, I had been looking up information about adoption. I had given up all hope of IVF working. I had tried IVF three times already in this country, once with my own eggs and twice with donor eggs.  I had cried in front of the computer thinking that even adoption seemed to be impossibly hard and that we would not have another child. I’m so glad that Your IVF Journey is out there to let people know about the clinic in the Czech Republic. This clinic has very high success rates and is much cheaper than clinics in the UK. After one treatment I got pregnant and have had a beautiful baby girl. Your IVF Journey helped with liaising with the clinic, finding where to buy the medications needed in this country, information about where to stay during the treatment and transport there. I wouldn’t have had the courage or know-how to go abroad for treatment without them. If I hadn’t chanced upon their website I also wouldn’t have my beautiful baby daughter now. What more can I say? I am over the moon!

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