Harriet and Simon

Harriet and Simon

After four years of trying to have a baby naturally, then via IVF with the NHS, my husband and I were about to give up. Emotionally and financially we were at the end of the line. Then we found Becky and Ben online. At 42, I was starting to accept that my dream of becoming a mum was out of reach, but they encouraged me to consider each and every option carefully. By 43, I was pregnant using a donor egg. Our beautiful son is now nearly one. He’s our world. We have no regrets, and we are in the process of trying for a sibling using the same donor via Your IVF Journey. Becky and Ben are knowledgeable and honest. But more than that they are sympathetic and immensely kind during what can be a very emotional and stressful time for any couple. We cannot thank them enough for their help in making our dreams come true.

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