Julia and Giles

Julia and Giles

I am delighted to tell you that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Monday.  He is just amazing and we couldn’t be happier! I can’t possibly explain how grateful we are that in our darkest of times as a couple you brought us hope. We could not have taken this journey if it was not for you. Your own experiences made us think things could be possible in a timescale that worked for us. Brno will always be a very special place for us and I think it is amazing that we have been successful on our first attempt. I couldn’t have felt more supported and I felt you really held our hands throughout the process. What you have done for others is wonderful. There are so many couples that are in the same situation and we have certainly told people we know in similar situations to look you up. We ended 2014 thinking we were to have a life without children and we have begun 2016 with our precious bundle. What a turnaround!

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