Julie and Ben

Julie and Ben

No day goes by without us counting our blessings for the day we found Your IVF Journey’s website and phoned Becky and Ben. After being told by a doctor in a very expensive and cold hospital, we could never use our own eggs, we didn’t really know what to do. After much grieving, we researched our options and came across the warm and friendly Your IVF Journey. From the initial chat to all the procedures later, we cannot fault the professionalism we came across. Both Becky and Ben made us feel at ease with the adventures we were about to embark on. Knowing they had been through the same, really made it real for us. We are delighted to say our first attempt worked and are are now 22 weeks pregnant! A situation we never thought we would get to. We feel so incredibly blessed and feel there are so many people in this journey to thank. From Becky and Ben, to the doctors and staff at the clinic and to some wonderful friends we made in Brno. We are now spreading the news to friends in similar situations and hope many other couples will consider this route. We give thanks each day for picking up the phone and being given hope.

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