Ruth and Richard

Ruth and Richard

After two failed IVF cycles at an eye-wateringly expensive Harley Street clinic we were completely wiped out, both emotionally and financially. I half-heartedly began researching options abroad, came across Your IVF Journey and decided to give them a ring. That first conversation with Ben was amazing – it was the first time in years of treatment I felt I was talking to an actual human being who understood what we were going through. (Talking to our Harley Street clinic we felt like walking chequebooks!) The whole process has been seamless and almost totally stress-free. The clinic was fantastic, the doctors warm and helpful, and Becky and Ben have supported and guided us through it all. So the whole experience ended up feeling more like a (admittedly slightly strange) holiday than an IVF cycle. We’re now 14 weeks pregnant, and finally starting to get our heads around the fact it actually worked! Giving them a ring was the best thing I ever did – we couldn’t recommend Your IVF Journey highly enough.

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