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We’ve joined forces with the best fertility pharmacy we know to offer patients a reliable and super-quick service. Our fertility pharmacy partner can ship IVF medication worldwide within 48 hours. Request your free quotation today!

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In summary...

You’ll receive your medication from the fertility pharmacy by international courier (usually within 48 hours). If your IVF meds need temperature-controlled packaging, the fertility pharmacy will provide it.

Our fertility pharmacy introduction service is free and open to all. We don’t charge a fee for the introduction. However, we receive a small commission from the pharmacy after you place your order.      

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The fertility pharmacy will email you the quotation for your medication within one day. You’ll receive a breakdown of the costs for each item, and the total fee. If you decide to go ahead, simply pay for your fertility meds using the payment link provided. All cards are accepted (except American Express).

The fertility pharmacy has very competitive prices, with many items cheaper than you’d find locally. This affordability, combined with super-quick delivery to most countries in the world, makes the service unbeatable. Our US patients in particular pay far less for their fertility meds using our partner pharmacy, compared to pharmacies in the US.              

Our international fertility pharmacy partner is based in the EU. It’s fully licensed, with branches in Athens and Paris. It’s a specialist provider of fertility and IVF medication.

Delivery time is only 48 hours, worldwide. Your IVF medication is securely and confidentially delivered by a trusted international courier.

Our pharmacy partner delivers to most countries in the world, including the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and most Asian countries.

Yes, of course. The pharmacy welcomes questions, and you can ask them at any point. You’ll also be sent regular updates on your order by the fertility pharmacy and/or courier.

Yes, the pharmacy provides written instructions on how to take your fertility and IVF medication. Videos can also be provided.

Yes, you can use our fertility medication service as many times as you like. For the best prices and service, always use our form to request the quotation for each order.

No, you can use our fertility pharmacy service whichever clinic you use, wherever you are in the world. We think you’ll be impressed by the speed and quality of the service, and with the care taken with your prescription. It really is the best fertility pharmacy we know, and that’s why we recommend them.

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