Case Study 1

Gemma and Luke

Hi, my name is Gemma.  I’m 31, and married to my childhood sweetheart, Luke. Thanks to Your IVF Journey, I now have a one-year-old little girl called Josie.

When I first approached Your IVF Journey, I was exhausted and broken after a long infertility struggle. It all seemed hopeless. I found their website after having a chemical pregnancy (one of many) from an IVF cycle at a top fertility clinic in the UK. That cycle and experience had been tough. It felt like an extremely difficult battle all the way through. Our experience with Your IVF Journey could not have been more different. 

We’d been trying to conceive for over nine years. My husband has poor sperm quality and I have PCOS. In our previous treatments, embryo and lining quality were big problems. Cycles were either cancelled or ended in miscarriages. This was beyond devastating, and it took a long time for me to pick myself up. Then I found Your IVF Journey’s website and started reading about embryo adoption.

My husband and I read the donor-embryo information on Your IVF Journey’s website carefully. We felt this could be the answer to our prayers. We wanted a baby to love, cherish and nurture. The matter of genetics was not a concern to us. It would be our baby, and we would love him (or her) regardless of DNA.

From my first email to Becky, I felt listened to and understood. I finally found someone who was willing and able to help us get the family we longed for. I contacted her at the end of July, and by mid-August we had our embryo transfer date booked in. This speed and efficiency were exactly what we wanted. We so longed for our baby, and each month that went by felt like torture. The way Becky made things happen was exactly right for us. There was never any pressure, and I am sure that if we had wanted to take things slower, Becky would have supported us in this as well. She emailed us with details of a potential embryo and the donors’ details. This was such an exciting moment.

Becky dealt with all the correspondence with the Czech clinic and gave us lots of guidance and advice. During the process, she sent me numerous reminders about scans, medication and logistics. We felt very supported. She was always so quick in answering any queries we had. When my protocol was created, for example, I was concerned about the dosage of one of the medications. I expressed this to Becky and she immediately spoke with the clinic who amended my treatment plan as a precaution. Everything progressed so smoothly, and before we knew it we were in Brno for the embryo transfer.

The clinic was obviously high-quality, set in a beautiful building in an amazing town. All the staff were very friendly. I was always made to feel comfortable and relaxed. The process was explained to me in detail, as well as what I should do when I got home. Everything was very professional, and it was magical to see our little embryo for the first time on the screen on transfer day.

After the transfer, Becky continued to be in touch and answered all my queries. In October, we finally got our positive test result. At this point, we were still incredibly nervous – we had been here before and got our hearts broken. But this time our dreams came true! My pregnancy went smoothly, and the following June I gave birth to our gorgeous little girl. She is just so perfect and all I had dreamed her to be. She is beautiful and sweet, with just the right amount of sass!

Your IVF Journey helped change our lives. Before finding them, I had lost all hope and was at my lowest point. Now, two years after I first contacted them, I am whole. I am a mummy, and I just couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Becky – see you soon for baby number 2!

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