Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption, also known as embryo donation or donor embryo treatment, is a compelling alternative to traditional adoption. It's a great option for couples unable to produce eggs and sperm of high-enough quality.

Frozen donor embryos come from local Czech citizens (typically young, healthy students). They kindly donate their eggs and sperm to help couples overcome longstanding fertility problems. As an alternative, fresh embryos can be created especially for you.

Thanks to this wonderful act of generosity, Your IVF Journey patients now have the option, using our partner clinic in the Czech Republic, to conceive using healthy fresh or frozen embryos. Embryo adoption is rare and expensive in UK clinics. Not at our wonderful Czech clinic. 

Compared to the bureaucracy and waiting times of traditional adoption, embryo donation is attracting considerable interest from patients seeking an alternative way to start their family.

Embryo adoption – success rates

Our HCG pregnancy success rate for frozen donated embryos is over 77% – even higher than the clinic’s own score and many European clinics. Because the 10-minute transfer is the only procedure involved (unlike standard IVF and IVF with donor eggs), you only need to stay in the Czech Republic for two days for your embryo adoption treatment.

For embryo adoption using fresh eggs and donor sperm, success rates are over 70% for Your IVF Journey patients. Fresh eggs cost more, but you may have surplus embryos from the cycle which can be transferred at a later stage. Transfer of your leftover donor embryos after that is just 760 euros.

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Embryo adoption – the process

To talk though the embryo adoption process, please contact us for an informal chat. If you decide to go ahead with donor embryo treatment, we’ll email you our medical questionnaire and help you complete it. We’ll also help the clinic match you and your partner with your donors (using photos).

We’re often able to schedule your donor embryo transfer, whether using fresh or frozen gametes, in less than six weeks. We’ll explain your medical protocol, provide prescription very and advise on any additional tests you may need.

Most embryo adoption patients start oral stimulation drugs a few weeks before travelling. (The protocol for fresh donated embryos starts earlier as you’ll be matched, and your cycle synchronised, with a specially-selected egg donor.) We’ll let you know exactly when and how to take your medication, have your scans and travel out.

Don’t worry if this all sounds complicated. Becky and Ben at Your IVF Journey will explain the embryo donation process in great detail. We’re here to support you as well as to coordinate your schedule. So you can call, email or Skype us as often as you want.

Embryo adoption treatment cost

Embryo Adoption Package

€1,620 (euros) for one donor embryo

€3,240 (euros) for two donor embryos

€2,760 (euros) for one donor embryo (PGT-A screened)

€5,520 (euros) for two donor embryos (PGT-A screened)

Price includes donor matching (using photos), donor medical tests, your donor embryo transfer and all consultations at the clinic.

€5,950 (euros) for embryo adoption using fresh eggs and donor sperm

Price includes all services and extras as listed in the donor egg IVF package

Agency fee

£450 for frozen donated embryos

£495 for fresh donor embryos

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What’s included?

The price for frozen donor embryos includes your embryo transfer, donor matching, donor medical tests, embryo cryopreservation, storage and thawing, and all scans and tests on site. PGT-A screened frozen donor embryos are tested using the most advanced techniques.

Embryo adoption using fresh eggs and donor sperm is essentially the same treatment as for egg donation, plus sperm donation. See our donor-egg page for what’s included in the price. Fertility drugs for embryo adoption cycles, whether using fresh eggs or frozen embryos, are extra. We can get you discounted rates on all your medication.

Agency fee

Our agency fee for coordinating a frozen embryo adoption cycle is £450. For embryo donation using fresh eggs, our fee is £495.

Whichever treatment your choose, you’ll get a host of benefits and discounts, including currency-exchange reductions, discounted hotels and fertility drugs, and half-price agency support on a subsequent attempt. For the full list of benefits, see our IVF price list

Our price guarantee

As for all treatments arranged by Your IVF Journey, we want you to succeed. If your first donor embryo cycle doesn’t end in a pregnancy, we’ll halve our agency fee if you decide to have a second attempt at a fertility cycle at the clinic.

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