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Our Czech IVF clinic, Reprofit International, is one of the top fertility clinics in mainland Europe.

Established in 2006 as the first specialist donor-egg IVF centre in the Czech Republic, the Reprofit clinic has built a first-class reputation for great medical care. Your IVF Journey is its exclusive UK partner.

Situated in the delightful town of Brno, the Czech IVF clinic is easily accessible from the UK. You can fly direct from a number of UK airports. Prague is two hours away and Vienna just 90 minutes. Both have international airports than are convenient for our IVF clients travelling to the Czech Republic from other parts of the world.

Success Rates

Our excellent success rates are a key reason for choosing Your IVF Journey for your fertility treatment abroad. Our agency’s results for donor egg patients show an impressive HCG pregnancy rate of over 67%. This is even higher than the clinic’s own average donor-egg success rates.

The clinic’s figures for IVF/ICSI cycles are also excellent, hitting a superb 63.3% (HCG pregnancy rate) for Your IVF Journey patients. This is almost 20% higher than the clinic’s average success score.

IVF Success rates charts showing higher success rates with agency help

Your Schedule

Planning your IVF at the Czech clinic is easier than you think. Depending on your chosen treatment – IVF with your own eggs, IVF with donor eggs or donor-embryo IVF – you’ll start taking your fertility medication in your home country. (Don’t worry – we’ll help you and explain everything.) You’ll be able to book your flights and accommodation well in advance. Read the Visiting Brno page for a brief summary of the town and how to get there.

IVF patients at the Czech clinic can expect to be away from home for about 10 days. Donor-egg IVF patients should plan for a seven-day trip. And if you’re having IVF with frozen donated embryos, or using your own frozen embryos from a previous cycle, a two-day break is the norm. (Flying out Friday and returning on the Sunday is a popular option.)

Once you’re back at home, you’ll continue to follow your medical protocol until the results of your HCG blood test. If it’s positive, you’ll carry on taking your prescribed medication until the Czech IVF clinic advises you to stop (usually the end of the first trimester).

Czech IVF clinic – accreditation and patient protection

The Czech Republic is a member state of the EU. The care you receive from the Czech IVF clinic follows stringent guidelines and standards, as set out in Czech legislation and supported by the Ethical Code of the Czech Medical Chamber, the European Convention on Human Rights and other EC Directives. You can rest assured that your safety, security and rights are fully protected – as are those of the donors who may contribute to your treatment.

The Czech IVF clinic is also accredited by the ISO, which compels the clinic to apply good standards of customer care and to adhere to all statutory and regulatory requirements.

With Your IVF Journey, you’re in safe hands. In partnership with one of the top fertility clinics in the Czech Republic, we’re here to help and support you all the way.

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