Brno – the perfect destination for IVF abroad

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech town of Brno is a great choice for a relaxing IVF break abroad.

You can fly there directly from the UK, and the international airports of Prague and Vienna are also nearby. You’ll have time between your appointments at the clinic to explore the town’s cultural and gastronomic delights – and venture further afield if you want to.

Nestled in central Europe, Brno is the capital city of the South-Moravian region of the Czech Republic. It’s a great place for relaxing and sightseeing while you’re having your fertility treatment. When we first visited Brno, we were struck by what a peaceful and pretty city it is. Architecturally and historically, it’s a delight. We spent happy times wandering the streets, admiring the old buildings, exploring historic churches, relaxing in cafes and discovering the best places to eat.

Czech cuisine is hearty and nutritious, though many restaurants offer other European and international menus. Whatever time of year, you’ll find things to do. We went swimming in two delightful lidos in the summer and enjoyed bracing walks in the stunning wooded hills the following autumn. It’s also a place where you feel very safe. Czech people are friendly and helpful. The town centre is easy to walk around. Brno’s trams and buses are well-organised, cheap and convenient.

Some interesting people have come from Brno. Composers Leoš Janáček and Erich Wolfgang Korngold were born in the town. Mathematician and philosopher Kurt Gődel and physicist Ernst Mach also hail from the city. Interestingly, the “father of genetics”, Gregor Johann Mendel, comes from Brno. Perhaps this inspired the clinic’s specialism in donor egg IVF!

Brno is also an important, and large, university city. There are currently six universities, comprising around 27 individual faculties. Egg donors are often sourced by the clinic from the large population of young, healthy students.

If you feel adventurous, the beautiful cities of Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest are all nearby. They’re perfect for a day trip. Premium patients will receive our personalised Travel and Relaxation Guide, which goes into much more detail on where to stay, relax, visit and eat during your trip to Brno. We know the town very well and our reviews and recommendations will, we hope, make your trip an enjoyable and stimulating one. Of course, your IVF treatment is never far from your mind. But Brno offers a laid-back change of scene and an opportunity to take it easy and think of other things during your treatment.

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