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IVF abroad is now the option of choice for many couples. Your IVF Journey organises every aspect of your IVF overseas – and we arrange donor-egg and donor-embryo treatment as well.

As the exclusive UK agency for a leading Czech fertility clinic, our mission is to drive down the cost of IVF. We take impeccable care of you throughout your IVF treatment abroad. As patients ourselves, we fully understand your needs.

Planning IVF abroad requires meticulous preparation. So, unlike most agencies, Your IVF Journey offers you comprehensive support before, during and after your visit to the clinic. Driven by our own experience of IVF overseas, we know how important it is to be looked after. Organisation is key – and we help you with all of it. Read our patient reviews.

Our low-cost IVF abroad package is probably the most cost-effective IVF treatment you’ll find anywhere in Europe. Patients on our IVF abroad with donor eggs package get priority booking: you could have your treatment in just eight weeks. And our IVF abroad with donor embryos package is a new and exciting option for couples seeking an alternative to traditional adoption.

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A caring and personalised service, helping patients sensitively through their treatment.  


We know how tough fertility treatment is.
We provide compassionate support and advice.  


We’re hardworking and efficient.
You’ll feel informed, respected and cared for.

IVF abroad – what we offer

Your IVF Journey is a unique, patient-led service that manages every aspect of your IVF abroad. From the moment you get in touch, and wherever you live in the world, we provide general advice, support and a host of other benefits designed to make your trip as affordable and comfortable as possible.

We’re proud to work exclusively with a Czech IVF clinic whose standards and success rates speak for themselves. And as we’ve discovered for ourselves, having IVF overseas can really help you relax, maximising your chance of success. In fact, pregnancy rates for Your IVF Journey patients are even higher than the clinic’s own stats, reflecting the dedicated care and support we give you from day 1.

People consider IVF abroad for many reasons. Perhaps, like us, you’ve undergone cycles in the UK without success or felt unhappy with the service you received or the money you paid. You may not have qualified for IVF treatment on the NHS, in which case the cost of IVF treatment is a key factor. Or you may be interested in the higher success rates, shorter waiting times and convenience of some overseas clinics.

You may have concerns about having IVF abroad, not at home. Who will support you? How do you organise things, before and after your IVF overseas? Will you be given accurate advice and information you can understand? The list is quite extensive and your worries are perfectly normal. The good news is, Your IVF Journey helps you with everything.

IVF abroad – the process

Your first step is to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your IVF abroad treatment options. You can speak to our patient coordinator, Becky Saer, by phone or email. If you prefer, we’ll arrange a Skype conference.

When you’re ready to take things further, we’ll email you a medical questionnaire for review by the clinic. We’ll tell you if the clinic wants you to have additional tests or procedures and we’ll book a treatment date to suit your schedule. We’ll pass on all medical information from the clinic and help you understand your protocol, prescription and timetable. For more on what your IVF abroad will involve, read our treatment pages or browse Your Questions.

IVF abroad – our service

Our fees to coordinate your treatment are highly reasonable – see our prices for more details. Our service also has a range of added-value benefits, including our Prescription Price Promise, discounted hotels and big reductions on currency costs. Patients also get a detailed travel guide, priority booking (donor egg IVF patients) and unique access to clinic consultants.

IVF abroad – our price guarantee

The cost of IVF at the Czech clinic is among the lowest in Europe. But it’s the results of your IVF overseas that matter. Rest assured you’ll receive affordable treatment at a superb clinic. You’ll also get round-the-clock support from us: fellow patients who care about your future.

So this is our promise to you. Should you not achieve a pregnancy with your first IVF cycle abroad and decide to have subsequent treatment, we’ll halve our agency fee altogether for your second attempt. What’s more, if you don’t fall pregnant after two donor-egg cycles, you pay only 50% of the treatment cost for your third cycle. A copy of the clinic’s ‘shared risk’ offer is available on request.

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