Case Study 3

Sarah and Jonathan

We had been trying for a baby for about three years before we decided to speak to our doctor. After some initial tests, which failed to find a reason for our struggles, we requested fertility treatment and were approved funding for a single round of IVF. Despite the NICE guidelines recommending three cycles of IVF, a postcode lottery meant we were only eligible for funding for one cycle.

The NHS journey was long (two years), gruelling and left us feeling worn out and often helpless. With no clear point of contact, we often felt left in the dark. The NHS is clearly underfunded, and this  seemed especially evident in their fertility services –  from the incredibly busy waiting rooms with standing room only, to the seemingly ‘one size fits all’ approach. I ended up being over stimulated and experienced ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), a confusing and very uncomfortable situation.

From nearly 40 eggs, half were fertilised and three made it to day four, all of which resulted in miscarriages. We were distraught, and at our lowest point. All around us couples were getting pregnant, which should have been a happy time, but we found it difficult to hide our jealousy.

After deciding to try IVF again, we approached Becky Saer at Your IVF Journey. We were nervous to try again but were recommended Becky’s services, and the Reprofit clinic in the Czech Republic, by a family friend who had recently had successful treatment.

Prior to our trip to the Czech Republic, our prescription was delivered to our door. Becky also requested some pre-treatment scans and tests. Despite doing a previous (unsuccessful) round of IVF through the NHS, we were refused these tests, despite being willing to pay. So Becky recommended a private clinic in the UK. The staff there were so friendly and supportive, a very positive experience which took a lot of stress out of the situation.

We arrived in Brno a few days before egg collection and we were there for a total of four days. With Becky’s help, the clinic was easy to find and everything went incredibly smoothly. We decided to freeze all nine embryos collected, and returned a month later for the embryo transfer.

We were thrilled to find out that the treatment worked first time, just a few short months after our initial contact with Becky. The support didn’t stop there, and we kept in touch with Becky throughout the pregnancy. We’re incredibly lucky and relieved to have eight frozen embryos remaining in the Czech Republic, ready for when we decide to grow our family. 

We’ve now welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world and we’re over the moon. Charlotte arrived after a quick and calm labour. We are eternally grateful to Becky and Ben, who made our IVF journey a positive one. From the very start, Becky and her husband were incredible. Clear and quick communication, rapidly establishing the next steps for us. They even helped us with the logistics of travelling to the Czech Republic and making the most of our stay.

The travel and relaxation guide they provided was really helpful in distracting us from the whole process. The Reprofit clinic in Brno was very professional, and we also have them to thank for our beautiful daughter. 

If we could go back in time and offer advice to our younger selves, we would have gone straight to Becky, as the slow progress through the NHS can be tortuous. Struggling with infertility is the hardest thing we have experienced. We can’t thank Becky and Ben enough for helping us through this difficult journey. 

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