Author: Becky Saer

The two week wait. Read the IVF forums and you’ll see what an emotionally difficult time it is. For those who find it tough, there are ways to cope and even to improve your chances of a positive pregnancy result. Based on our own experience, and those of our patients, these are our top 10 tips for surviving the two week wait.

  Young female student sitting with crossed legs working with a laptop, isolated over white background A fertility forum can be a useful source of information, and interaction, for couples trying for a baby. Some forums focus on general infertility. Others on general pregnancy. A select few specialise in IVF. So which fertility forum is best? Based on content quality, range of topics and user experience, these are are the top five fertility forums out there.

Does acupuncture really improve fertility? For 10 years or so, press reports have suggested it might. Fertility forums are stuffed with threads debating the matter. So what’s the truth? Here are the key facts on acupuncture and fertility – based on the latest and most trusted research studies.

Egg retrieval – a key moment in your IVF cycle. Your eggs, specifically their quality and quantity, affect your chances of getting, and staying, pregnant. So what should you do to make your egg retrieval a success? Based on our experience, that of our patients and the best medical research, read our 10 tips to improve the outcome of your egg retrieval.

  a man wearing white coat and blue medical gloves holding a semen sample in his hand A semen analysis is essential if you’re trying for a baby – conventionally or with IVF. 30 per cent of fertility problems are male-factor. But for a lot of men, providing a semen analysis, let alone understanding the results, is a challenge. So here’s everything you need to know about your semen analysis. And what the results actually mean.

  Diet and weight - young woman with a scale, she is happy about the success Got PCOS? You’re not alone. Polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormone disorder, affects around 1 in 10 women. It also affects fertility – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Menstrual problems, weight issues and long-term health problems are common. Plus, not all pregnancies are plain-sailing when you’ve got PCOS.