Female fertility is a hot topic. So why is male infertility never really talked about? In a fertility industry geared towards women, medical help for men also exists. Obviously. 1 in 50 men produce no sperm in their ejaculate, even though healthy sperm is stored in their testes. Since IVF requires a sperm sample via masturbation, this statistic is relevant. Surgical sperm retrieval (SSR) is an option for men with serious fertility issues. Read on to discover 10 facts you should know about surgical sperm retrieval.

IVF patients are now offered a bewildering array of ‘add-on’ treatments. And a growing number of fertility clinics now use a machine called the EmbryoScope. What is it and does it actually benefit IVF patients? Some clinics say yes. Others say maybe. Actually, the jury is out. No large-scale randomised trials have been done. But that doesn't mean you should write it off - so read on.

Coral Saer, our second Reprofit babyWe’re thrilled to announce the birth of our second daughter, Coral. Thanks to our wonderful fertility clinic, Reprofit International, we’ve been blessed with a gorgeous little girl and a sister for Ida. Both come from the same batch of donated eggs created for us in 2012.

Does embryo glue (or, strictly speaking, EmbryoGlue) really work? We were initially sceptical. A low-cost product that helps your embryo to implant? It sounded too good to be true. Critics initially called embryo glue too simplistic. But has that view changed?

The 2015 Fertility Show is fast approaching, and we’re delighted to be speaking at this year’s event. Like last year, we’re be giving a seminar on going abroad for fertility treatment – so please come along. The talk starts at 1345 on Sunday 8 November. The venue, as always, is the Olympia Exhibition Centre in west London.

An ectopic pregnancy means your pregnancy has started in the wrong place. An embryo should develop inside your womb. But an ectopic pregnancy happens outside it. Almost all ectopic pregnancies occur in one of the fallopian tubes. Much more rarely, in the abdomen, ovary or cervix.