Celebrities and donor eggs. The internet is full of speculation and comment about celebrities and egg donation treatment. We all know the stats: women have a low chance of a successful pregnancy, using their own eggs, from their mid-40s. (Actually, 43 onwards is pushing it.) The realistic choices open to them are adoption, surrogacy (probably using the surrogate’s eggs) and donor eggs. Or not having kids at all.

The ERA test, or endometrial receptivity array test, is a new way to address implantation issues. But is it any good? A number of our fertility patients have had it. Some then had successful pregnancies, perhaps thanks to the ERA test’s recommendations. So let’s have a closer look.

IVF treatment is tough – and the best people to tell you that are fertility patients themselves. The simple truth is, unless you’ve had IVF treatment, you can’t fully understand the emotional upheaval patients go through. It’s very real and very hard. Life-changing. Friends and family are generally well-meaning, but they can still say the wrong thing at the wrong time. So based on our experience, and that of our patients, here are five things NOT to say to IVF patients.