Young female student sitting with crossed legs working with a laptop, isolated over white background A fertility forum can be a useful source of information, and interaction, for couples trying for a baby. Some forums focus on general infertility. Others on general pregnancy. A select few specialise in IVF. So which fertility forum is best? Based on content quality, range of topics and user experience, these are are the top five fertility forums out there.

Does acupuncture really improve fertility? For 10 years or so, press reports have suggested it might. Fertility forums are stuffed with threads debating the matter. So what’s the truth? Here are the key facts on acupuncture and fertility – based on the latest and most trusted research studies.

  Diet and weight - young woman with a scale, she is happy about the success Got PCOS? You’re not alone. Polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormone disorder, affects around 1 in 10 women. It also affects fertility – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Menstrual problems, weight issues and long-term health problems are common. Plus, not all pregnancies are plain-sailing when you’ve got PCOS.

We love Tina Malone. She had the courage and determination to have IVF with donor eggs at 50. The fact that it worked, albeit with the tragic loss of one of her twins, is a testament to medical science, and to her. Every woman has an equal right to a baby. Age is relative. Tina Malone has shown that donor eggs are a superb alternative to traditional IVF for women who, through circumstances often beyond their control, have families later in life.

An ovulation calculator is an inexpensive way to predict when you’re fertile. If you’re having difficulty conceiving, one of these tools may just help. Try our own ovulation calculator here. There are loads of other ovulation calculators out there. Almost all are free, but which stand out? You need reliability, but none are 100-per-cent accurate and others don’t work at all. So here’s our guide to the best ovulation calculators on the web.

  sexy couple lying in bed. use sex toys. How to conceive? We all know the basics. But to maximise your chance of getting pregnant, you need to do more than you think. How much sex should you really have? Should you bin the booze and buy some jogging shoes? And are hot baths really bad for sperm? We present the 10 best ways to get pregnant. The facts, not the myths, on how to conceive.

  Churches and statues of Prague in the evening sun Private fertility care in the UK is doing rather well for itself. Sixty per cent of IVF cycles are now carried out by private fertility clinics. The cost of IVF, including medication and extras, can top £20,000. That’s because many IVF patients in the UK end up having three cycles, not one. It’s a scandal. British fertility clinics are making hay while the sun shines. And it’s shining a lot.

Who Needs An HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) HSG or hysterosalpingogram? Let’s call it an HSG. After all, hysterosalpingogram may qualify as the most unpronounceable word you'll meet on your fertility journey. We still can’t say it either – and we tried three times. Anyway, the abbreviation is not important but the procedure is.

Embryo transfer day: a key hurdle for every IVF patient. It’s that moment when your fertility treatment and hopes converge. And the fact that it’s happening at all needs celebrating, since some fertility cycles don’t make it this far. The medication worked. You’ve got one or more viable embryos ready to transfer. Here we go.