Join us at the Fertility Show 2016!

Join us at the Fertility Show 2016!

The 2016 Fertility Show weekend is almost upon us. Ben has been asked back as a guest speaker and is putting the finishing touches to his speech as we speak. His seminar will look at all the aspects of fertility treatment abroad, with an emphasis on European clinics. The talk starts at 1230 on Sunday 6 November. The venue is Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.

What’s the focus of Ben’s talk? First, he’ll reflect on our personal experience as donor-egg recipients. Second, he’ll guide couples through the practical, financial, legal and logistical things to consider when considering IVF treatment abroad. Third, he’ll look at success rates and what they really mean. And finally, he’ll talk about donors – specifically how they’re matched, recruited and treated.

So whether you’re thinking about your treatment options for the first time, or you want an insight from the patient’s perspective into what treatment abroad really entails, do come along. And bring your questions – there’s usually time for Q&As at the end of the seminar. See you there!

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