How We Arrange Affordable IVF Abroad…

How We Arrange Affordable IVF Abroad…


We've Launched, Affordable IVF Has Arrived

Welcome to Your IVF Journey’s popular fertility blog.

As IVF patients ourselves, our mission is to help other couples have successful treatment abroad. As we say on the main pages of our website, our two daughters are here thanks to Reprofit, an amazing fertility clinic in Brno, Czech Republic. We did our research on prices, success rates and reputation, and went with our instincts.

It paid off. The care we received at Reprofit was absolutely superb. The prices were so much cheaper than UK clinics. Yet the quality of care was much better. We kept asking ourselves: why aren’t more couples doing this?

Then, a bit like that TV ad from the 1970s when a man has a shave and says “I was so impressed I bought the company!” we decided to forge a business relationship with the clinic as its exclusive UK agency. Our service, by and for IVF patients, helps couples with every aspect of their treatment and trip.

We’re here to arrange your treatment and carefully manage your schedule, supporting you practically and emotionally throughout. Our patients value our personalised care, which translates into striking results. We consistently achieve the clinic’s highest success rates.

As past patients, we know what treatment entails. It can feel overwhelming, like a roller-coaster. And we know the one word fertility patients truly need: support. We’re with you from day one, keeping you positive, informed and stress-free.

IVF can be isolating. It can separate you from friends and family, who rarely understand what you’re going through. But with us, you’re not alone. We’ll share the ups and downs, while doing everything we can to maximsise your chance of success. If things don’t work out first time, we’ll help with future decisions and keep working with you.

Meticulous coordination, a listening ear, a loyal friend – these are Your IVF Journey’s objectives. We’re making IVF more affordable, more successful and more bearable.

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