Author: Becky Saer

Preimplantation genetic screening, or PGS, is a viable option for certain IVF patients. Available, for an additional fee, to IVF couples anxious about the chromosomal health of their embryos, PGS takes place before your embryo transfer (and delays it until the results are back). Due to its pre-transfer timing, it has to be better than chorionic villus sampling or an amniocentesis, which look for fetal problems several weeks into a pregnancy.

  Donor Anonymity, Best For Birth Parents Or Children Donor anonymity is a contentious issue. Should donor-conceived children have the right to trace their donor parents? In the UK, the law says yes. The result? Many egg and sperm donors are discouraged from coming forward. Supply is still dwarfed by demand, so patients go abroad. You'll be waiting for a donor for at least six months in the UK, and probably 12.

Having your IVF abroad isn't just about better treatment and lower prices. It's because the NHS won't treat you. Across the country, patients are routinely being denied IVF treatment for spurious financial and medical reasons. The IVF postcode lottery puts local GP commissioning groups in charge. Often flouting NICE guidelines, most look for excuses to deny you treatment, particularly if you're 40 or over.

  IVF clinic success rates are important: we rely on them to decide where to go. But looking at the UK’s HFEA website, you need a maths degree to work out which stats matter and which don’t. As the HFEA points out, it's not easy comparing clinic success rates. The numbers are based on other people's treatment, not your prognosis.

  We've Launched, Affordable IVF Has Arrived Welcome to Your IVF Journey's popular fertility blog. As IVF patients ourselves, our mission is to help other couples have successful treatment abroad. As we say on the main pages of our website, our two daughters are here thanks to Reprofit, an amazing fertility clinic in Brno, Czech Republic. We did our research on prices, success rates and reputation, and went with our instincts. It paid off. The care we received at Reprofit was absolutely superb. The prices were so much cheaper than UK clinics. Yet the quality of care was much better. We kept asking ourselves: why aren’t more couples doing this?