Donate to National Fertility Awareness Week!

Donate to National Fertility Awareness Week!

Some causes get it absolutely right, and National Fertility Awareness Week is one of them. It runs from 30 October to 5 November, the weekend of the Fertility Show. We encourage anyone interested in fertility to donate. This scheme is doing incredible work, highlighting how infertility affects 1 in 6 couples and raising money to help them.

Whether you’re one of our patients or not, please give something. The money you give in National Fertility Awareness Week helps the charity Fertility Network UK provide free support to anyone struggling with infertility. It’s recognised as a medical condition by the WHO, and rightly so. The anguish caused by infertility is very real – we know that as past fertility patients ourselves.

Whatever you donate, it all helps to bring support and solutions to singles and couples facing fertility problems. Many infertile people don’t realise that infertility is a condition they can overcome. National Fertility Awareness Week can shine a light on how. Fertility Network UK tirelessly campaigns for better access to NHS fertility services, provides local support to people with fertility issues and coordinates a network of volunteers and advisors.

We like this year’s #Talk Fertility initiative – getting people to talk about their infertility. Only by talking can we change attitudes to infertility. It’s no longer a silent disease. Friends and family of those with infertility need to know, and understand, what sufferers are going through. Only then can they really help and say the right thing, not the wrong thing! Male patients often find it harder to talk, and the #FertilityFellas campaign is a great idea to get them talking too.

It is 40 years since IVF was invented. It has transformed millions of lives and brought hope and help to a very personal kind of suffering. If you’d like to donate to this very worthy cause, here’s the webpage to do it. Thank you for your support – and see you at The Fertility Show!

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